Iron Man:Preview!!!

From Marvel Studios and Paramount Pictures comes Iron Man takes on the tale of wealthy philanthropist Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.)
that develops a robotic suit which happens to be known as a
invulnerable suit to fight the throes of evil. In order to being filthy rich,
billionaire Tony Stark is also a genius inventor. When he is kidnapped and has to build a diabolical weapon, he uses the intelligence
of his mind and starts to construct a
indestructible suit to escape his capters. Iron Man coming soon on dvd.

City Of Ember!!!

In this movie, two children must solve a riddle to save their city. They also need to answer it to save
the last remaining members of the human race. From the director Gil Kenan and Oscar-winning
monster house who takes the helm for the children's fantasy comes a new and a original movie,
City Of Ember concerning two teenagers who attempt to solve a mystery to protect their city from
being swallowed by darkness. City Of Ember, now playing in theaters everwhere.

Beverly Hills Chihuahua!!!

In the tradition of babe (2005) and Charlotte's Web (2007) comes a new and original movie Beverly Hills
Chihuahua directed by Scooby Doo vet Raja Gosnell. Chole (the voice of Drew Barrymore) is a pampered
Chihuahua from Beverly Hills that spends more time riding around her owner's (Piper Perabo) purse.
When she goes to Mexico and gets lost from her mobile home, she must rely on a romantic male
Chihuahua named Papi (voice of George Lopez). Will Chole rely on Papi or will she be stuck in Mexico
forever? Don't miss Beverly Hills Chihuahua in theaters now playing in theaters everywhere. 

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